Kwinana United

Welcome to the official website of Kwinana United Soccer and Social Club at Kelly park, Thomas Oval in Medina. Kwinana United Soccer Club commenced in 1954 as Medina Soccer Club and joined the semi-pro league in 1963.

In 1990 Kwinana United left the semi-pro and started a new season in the Amateur league. We currently play in the Amateur league, first division in Perth, Western Australia.

In 2011 Kwinana United won the Sunday Amatuer Second Division title, the first league title in over 15 years.

A very brief history by Bill Campbell

When the first steps to establish what was eventually to become the Town of Kwinana, the area saw an influx of migrants from Europe, many from the British Isles. Among the new arrivals were many who retained a love of their national game - football - played as it should be with a round ball. First steps to form Medina Soccer Club were taken in July 1954 when request from the Secretary of the Medina Residents Association, J. Wilkinson to Commissioner Harry McGuigan for help with soccer goal posts was readily given and round about September '54 the towns first sporting organisation was acknowledged.

Playing their first season in 1955 in the Freamntle Districts League they created a favourable impression, sharing the Premiership with East Claremont. Later a junior section was formed. In 1966 we had two junior teams. Four years later we would field 12 teams and take out seven state titles. In the early 70's the council raised a loan of $10,000 to provide "The successful Kwinana United Soccer and Social Club with better playing arena and associated facilities", then they provided $5000 from the Medina Canteen (our local pub) profits to install fencing around the west side of Thomas Oval. A fine playing arena was laid out and named Kelly Park, after Jack Kelly a foreman with the Shire who was actively involved in the project.

A few years later, David Andrews, Sports Correspondent with the West Australian would describe the setting as the most attractive soccer arena in Western Australia. We were only half-way there with a club house to be built and it took much effort from a loyal band of supporters involving fund raising and a great deal of very hard graft before, in April '79, we played our first game on our own ground against Stirling Macedonia with both Kwinana teams recording victories. The Club has changed its name to Kwinana United in 1972 as our town grew. Honours were hard to come by, although in 1971 the players vindicated the Council's faith by gaining promotion to the STate League the following season. We came so close that season. An epic struggle in the Dorsogna Cup Final against Fremantle Tricolore saw us go down four goals to three, but had consolation of seeing our Geoff Cole receive the prestigeous Dorsogna Cup Medal as the games outstanding player.

Another final appearance in 1974 saw us again collect the runners-up medals after going down to Morley Windmills. Several players did attract attention with both Martin Redpath (1972) and David Jones (1975) winning the coveted Rothmans Medal and Geoff Chadwick (1974) and Chris Proctor (1977) gaining the runners-up medal. Top honours were also to come to David Jones, Robbie Dunne and Alistair Edwards. All had distinguished careers and all three went on to wear the green and gold of Australian Socceroos. It is pleasing that they all started out with Kwinana United Junior Soccer Club.

In the early 80's, in our own clubhouse in a quiet location there was much optimism but before too long things took a sour turn, both on an off the field. The relative remoteness of the club saw our premises being victim to many break-ins and vandalising. Thousands of dollars of stock went over the years, causing a great deal of frustration and anger amongst the many loyal members who handbattled so hard once again chasing oney just to pay our depts, rates etc. A number of members made a substantial loan to the club and it was several years before it would be repaid. One President went to extreme measures of mortgaging his house in a desperate effort to keep the doors open.

In the late 80's, a group of retired members affectinately known as "Dad's Army" regularly met to do what they could to secure the club with the result the place is a virtual fortress and fingers crossed breakins have ceased. On the playing side in the 80's we twice won promotion to the Top Division and both times were disaster. Players were purchased, paid more money than our local players and going straight back down to the lower divisions they all just got up and left. Several of the local players from that time are, thankfully, still with the club. With mounting depts in 1990 a bitter dispute with an unrelenting Soccer Federation and total lack of sponsorship, the decision was made to join the Amateur ranks, which we did in 1991. By 1995 we had moved through the division to the Premier League of the West Australian Social Soccer Association. In October 2003 our reserve side went to the National Stadium in Inglewood to defeat Hamersley Rovers and bring back the trophy to Kelly Park.